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We have developed a product that may be beneficial to the consumer or business end. This product can be utilized in several different types businesses. If your looking for a looping DVD/CD player that can be used as a manual or a fully automatic unit, we have the solution. With the simple push of a button you select auto or manual for your specific use. In the auto mode this unit will turn itself on, automatically go to play, will auto repeat and will not shut off until you exit the auto mode. In the manual mode the unit will function as standard DVD/CD player. A green LED when lit indicates the auto mode is engaged, in standard mode LED is not lit. The unit comes with a programmable remote and corresponding list of codes for most major brands of TVs, also included are the regional codes for other countries, so this used can be used anywhere .This unit is ideal for continually playing children favorite videos or music cd’s, informational media, educational media, commercial information videos, adult entertainment industry. This can also be used in different waiting areas---no need to monitor or attend to the player, just insert your choice of media and your finished.

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Looping DVD Player